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Acrylic holders and trasparent supports for shops, malls, bars and restaurant. You can better organize your windows with a lot of specific acrylic displays.


Acrylic mobile phone...

Acrylic displays designed for technology stores. Every acrylic exibitor are made for mobile phones but can be used for cameras, mp3 players, media and archives usb.

Scissors display

Acrylic displays for scissors, pens, knives and more. These holders have a beautiful design and they are made with the best acrylic material.

Necklace holder

Acrylic displays for all kind of jewellery and necklaces. Designed for stands and retails shops. Clear acrylic holders, satin acrylic holders and black acrylic holders and supports for necklaces and other items.

Bracelets holder

Presentation systems for bracelets in jewellery, costume jewellery, haberdashery.

Plate holder

Acrylic Display and support for collectible dishes. Show them in an upright position to submit the friezes and decors. You can use it at home or in the window of the supermerket.

Display boxes

Clear acrylic boxes for showing little objects. It's very usefull in the shop-window or on the shelfs to better organize every products. Our clients use them for pearls, beads, buttons, murrine, balls, socks, handkerchiefs, ties and more.

Supermarket separators

Acrylic separator for supermarket fridges. Divide and keep sorted the products on sale. Butcher-Delicatessen-cheese, fish-salami-take-out food. They are made in many sizes, shapes and materials (pmma-pet-g-pc). All separators are inexpensive and resistant to heat and cold.


Clear acrylic risers for the shop windows. These particular supports are used to raise up from the ground your product and better show them to the customers.

Acrylic shelves

Shelves bench or wall plank in transparent acrylic. Professional products that keep order in your store and exhibit your products.

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