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Clear acrylic photo frame with two magnets. View larger

Clear magnetic photo frame

Clear magnetic photo frame for pictures, photos and commercial advertising. This is a frame for wall with magnetic attach. Change and move your magnetic photo display as many times as you want. The plastic is transparent, lightweight and unbreakable. Available also with adhesive or Velcro. Avaiable in many sizes.

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The clear magnetic picture frame

  • It's perfect for most metal surfaces
  • Change the picture or the photo and move the display in every moment
  • It's also available with adhesive or Velcro
  • The magnetic photo frame takes up very little space because its thickness is less than 4 mm.
  • All models are guaranteed to never fall down
  • Use the clear magnetic frame horizontally or vertically
acrylic magnetic sign holder

In the shop

The magnetic picture and photo frame is a professional product, born for the shelves or for the showcases. It exposes communications, prices and discounts!

magnetic photo frame for home

On your refrigerator

Put it on your fridge. It's an original idea to show pictures of your travels or photos of your family. The magnetic frame fits the most common photo sizes.

magnetic photo frame for business

In your warehouse

Use magnetic photo frame to name the various compartments of your stock. It attaches easily to the metal shelves. You can move it and update with a new photo very easily!

two different type of photo frame

Alternative with adhesive

Choose the adhesive to put your maghetic photo frame display on any surface. The adhesive is very powerful and it's hard to take it off!

Alternative with Velcro

If there are no metal surfaces I suggest you Velcro! Velcro allows you to put the clear frame in any place, but it gives you also the possibility to change the photo or picture more easily.
referenceDimensioni portafotoby 1by 20by 50by 100
003430vertical 10,0 x 15,0 cm A6€ 3.07€ 2.78€ 2.49€ 2.20
003433vertical 15,0 x 21,0 cm A5€ 3.89€ 3.52€ 3.15€ 2.78
003434vertical 21,0 x 30,0 cm A4€ 5.94€ 5.38€ 4.81€ 4.25
003435vertical 30,0 x 42,0 cm A3€ 11.07€ 10.01€ 8.96€ 7.91
003436squared 10 x 10 cm€ 2.77€ 2.50€ 2.24€ 1.98
003437squared 15 x 15 cm€ 3.69€ 3.34€ 2.99€ 2.64
003438squared 20 x 20 cm€ 4.92€ 4.45€ 3.98€ 3.51
003439horizontal 8.5 x 5.5 cm€ 1.64€ 1.48€ 1.33€ 1.17
003440horizontal 15.0 x 5.5 cm€ 2.05€ 1.85€ 1.66€ 1.46
003441horizontal 30.0 x 5.5 cm€ 3.69€ 3.34€ 2.99€ 2.64
003749horizontal 30.0 x 21.0 cm A4€ 5.94€ 5.38€ 4.81€ 4.25

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