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ROUND Photo Frame

Round photo frame transparent plexiglass. Unique object. Exclusive design JMAR. Exhibitor leaflets, prices, pictures and souvenir photos. 

The dimensions refer to the diameter of the frame and are expressed in centimetres.

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l'utilizzo di un portafoto in plexiglass

Use it to describe better your products or your services.
Communicate instantly with your customers and unleash your creativity.
The frame tells fullest!
l'utilizzo di un portafoto in plexiglass

It is not plastic! It is a special material and light more transparent glass worked with care by specialized operators JMAR in Venice.
referenceDiameterby 1by 20by 50by 100
0022955 cm€ 1.48€ 1.34€ 1.19€ 1.05
00229610 cm€ 2.01€ 1.82€ 1.63€ 1.43
00229715 cm€ 3.24€ 2.93€ 2.62€ 2.31

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