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Jmarshop and the aryl glass (Plexiglass)

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What is Jmarshop?

The store online where you can find only Italian product made with acrylic glass. 

Jmar works with Methacrylate (plexiglass) for many years and it is able to satisfy every request.

Skilled craftsmen and modern technology allow the best results.

Jmarshop and the Acryl glass (Plexiglass)

Jmarshop is an online store that sells Italian passionately Plexiglas handmade products.

All items for sale online come from a large catalog of products created in over 30 years of work.

Jmar for the satisfaction of their customers is crucial!

Design and create products tailored to each client, studying new solutions and targeted.

Discover the range of frames, music stands, showcases, displays, signs, overhead projectors, and much more! From this wealth of experience, the company has drawn the most successful products that suit the needs of all.

Li has standardized They will need a code and making them accessible to all online!
The strength of Jmarshop is just to be able to listen to the needs of its customers, combined with the convenience that turns them into products by wholesale price.

From the "direct manufacturer" philosophy it is underlined by quantity discounts that characterize many products. The producer is used to working with large quantities. For this Jmar decided to benefit the customers by high demands with great! In any case it is always possible to buy only one product.

Satisfaction, knowing how to do their jobs well is the spring that drives us every day to do better, so we add and improve the online products. We try to get as close as possible to the demands of all customers.

An example?

the product PHOTOFRAME PLEX increased from 4 to as many as 19 variants between vertical and horizontal! Until the addition of the finest model, DOUBLE FACE PHOTOFRAME PLEX, allowing one frame to direct the picture horizontally or vertically.

Also the service is constantly monitored, to ensure maximum convenience of online shopping and the best packaging.

Jmarshop and the environment

Jmar cares about the environment in all stages of life of the product, from raw materials, through production, to packaging.

The 98% of processing waste is recovered and reprocessed for the production of new material, also thanks to the choice of the methacrylate, recyclable plastic.

Inks for prints are all without harsh chemical solvents.

New printing technologies allow a reduction of contaminants for a cleaner world and Jmar choose and use these technologies.

The Jmar packaging are carried out with the use of the minimum material for a correct and functional packaging.

Jmar optimizes protection product and minimizes cardboard waste and impact-resistant materials.

All this helps the environment and therefore all of us.

Jmarshop and buying comfort

Jmar believes and invests in the world of electronic commerce, studies and develops the shopping experience with its own specialized teams.

Even the photos, descriptions, order management and customer service is internally managed by Jmar.

No one knows what Jmar products Jmar!

This is why we are committed to update and improve the descriptions and photos of products. Our goal is to make people understand as well as possible as all our products are made.

In any case if there are any doubts or need you can always write to us and ask us what we want!

JMAR's product care (of Plexiglass)


Protective Film

Each plexiglass product is handcrafted from Jmar staff.

The special transparent film protects the material during all processes.

So it maintains unaltered the brilliance of the product.

Remove the protective film from each product.

It covers one side of the material and simply pull it off with your fingers, starting from the corner.


Clean the plexiglass

Clean plexiglass only with running water. If it is not suficiente uses the detergent not aggressive. Then gently dry the surfaces with a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth.

And 'how to clean a computer monitor or television screen.

So be careful not to use alcohol or solvents which can spoil the transparency of the material.


Heat Sources

The Plexiglas is a material sensitive to heat sources greater than 60 ° C.

Do not approach the plexiglass heaters, electric heaters, fireplaces or other heat sources.


Careful of Scratches

The plexiglass is a durable plastic.

But if it comes into contact with sharp or pointed objects may be damaged.



Respect the nature

The plexiglass is a recyclable plastic. Do not pollute!

Throw the old plexiglass in containers dedicated to plastic.

How do I place an Order?

1.     Browse and select the product that interests you. You can use the    menu on the left or the quick search. GO to home

2.     On the product page you can choose the size, quantity and other characteristics.        

        Take a look to Quantity discount.
Visualzzati are under the price. You can save up to 50%!

3.     Add the product to the cart clicking the green button.

4.     Click on cartto see the quote. If everything is ok click on "Next".

5.     Register and enter a valid email address to receive the products. You can specify an address for delivery and a different addressfor the billing.

6.     Choose a carrier and choose apayment method and finally confirm your order.

Guide to registration on

Example of a correct registration with all fields filled in.

The data in this example are fictitious.

l'utilizzo di un portafoto in plexiglass

l'utilizzo di un portafoto in plexiglass

l'utilizzo di un portafoto in plexiglass

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More Useful Informations

  • All JMAR's Prices are VAT included.

  • ou pay what you see, no surprises.

  • Every product is backed by warranty 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Shipments are always fixed costs

Doubts of Questions?

No problem! THE CUSTOMER SERVICE JMAR is always at your disposal!

Send a message of call us on +390422824602 from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00.

Kindly and prepared people will be glad to answer you questions.